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We are a specialist automatic driving school offering Just Automatic driving lessons.

If you are learning to drive and finding changing gears a struggle or have trouble balancing the clutch pedal and gas pedal to get the biting point on a manual car then automatic driving lessons may be the answer for you.

In the past, owning an automatic car was less desirable than owning a manual car because automatic cars consumed more fuel and were dearer to purchase than the equivalent manual car. With the introduction of new technology some automatic cars are now more fuel efficient than the equivalent manual car. Also with more second hand automatic cars now available they are now cheaper to buy than a few years ago.

Most people only know of the automatic transmission but there is also a semi-automatic transmission available. These have a manual gearshift allowing the driver to select the gear. They still have only two pedals; an accelerator and brake pedal. They don’t just have a clutch pedal. To prevent confusion only the right foot is used to accelerate and brake just like in a manual car.


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Automatic Driving Lessons in Birmingham

In a manual car it takes a lot of practice to make sure you release the clutch smoothly so you get to move off smoothly and to change gear smoothly. This can put a lot of people of driving altogether.

With automatic driving lessons in Coventry you won’t have to struggle; all you have to do is put the gear lever in D and drive. There is no clutch pedal so your left foot can just rest.

Instead of the three pedals in a manual car all you have is a gas pedal and a brake pedal. The car will change the gears by itself leaving you to concentrate on the road ahead. You also won’t stall the car when you stop or start.

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Automatic Cars Driving School in Birmingham,Coventry, Walsall and Redditch

As you have less to worry about automatic driving lessons in Birmingham can be especially beneficial for those people who are nervous or anxious about driving as there is no fear of stalling and progress can be made quicker than on a manual car and you will feel more confident about driving.

Automatic driving lessons Birmingham can also be beneficial for those people that may have a disability as you won’t have to press the clutch down or have to change the gear.

An automatic car is less tedious to drive in heavy traffic as you won’t have to keep changing gear or balancing the clutch pedal and gas pedal to find the biting point, instead the automatic car can you use its ability to creep so driving in traffic is more comfortable in an automatic car than in a manual car.