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Become an Expert at Driving Automatic Cars with Just Automatic Driving School

Driving is an essential skill everyone should learn. It gives you the freedom to travel whilst not being reliant on the public transport system. It is the most convenient method of transportation – but learning to drive is a challenge for many people, even if it is an automatic car.

Just Automatic Driving Lessons is a well-known driving school that specialized in offering:

  • Automatic driving lessons in Birmingham
  • Automatic driving lessons in Coventry
  • Automatic driving lessons in Walsall
  • Automatic driving lessons in Redditch

Learning to drive for the first time will always be a tough experience, but by choosing automatic over manual you would be making the task much easier for yourself. There are several reasons why you should consider learning automatic driving lessons instead of manual ones.

Simpler driving experience

The key advantage of learning about automatic transmission is that there is no clutch pedal. In a manual car, you must press down the clutch to start the car, whereas in an automatic car you simply push the start button and start the ignition. Once you begin taking lessons, you can work on awareness and basic maneuvers whilst taking automatic driving lessons – whereas manual driving lessons require a significant amount of time just getting used to the process of changing gears.

Automatic cars are very common nowadays

Automatic cars are growing in popularity as more people realise the benefits of driving an automatic car are much more than that of a manual car. Not only is the price gap between manual and automatic cars virtually non-existent, but automatic driving also offers more comfort and ease – leading to an increase in people switching to automatic driving lessons.

Automatic cars enable you to keep both of your hands on the wheel

In an automatic car, you can keep both hands on the steering wheel as you don’t have to constantly change gears. For nervous drivers, this provides a confidence boost while driving, allowing more control of the car. You are less distracted when driving automatically as you don’t have to shift your focus between changing gears and the road. It is also much safer as you can react much faster to sudden hazards – it’s as simple as pushing down the brake pedal.

Why Just Automatic Driving School?

Just Automatic Driving School offers a huge range of cars, allowing you to choose the car you desire to drive in the future. We have an expansive team of fully qualified instructors covering Birmingham and the surrounding areas: Walsall, Coventry, and Redditch – with numerous instructors in these areas to ensure that you can select the instructor you feel most comfortable taking lessons with. All our instructors have many years of experience, with satisfied customers and ample successful passes. We’ll match your preference for availability and timings, and the option of male or female instructors – we can get you the instructor of your preferences. Our focus is solely to help you pass as quickly as possible, ensuring that you feel comfortable behind the wheel and grow in confidence, in preparation for your final practical test. Our instructors tailor their lessons to every individual’s own learning pace. Call us anytime to sign up for automatic driving lessons with Just Automatic Driving School.